Weight Loss Boot Camp For High Desert Women And Moms


What Makes Us Different?

We sale results not access to a gym! Of course you are skeptical, if you are like most people, you signed up at a gym just to stop going a couple weeks later. The last thing you want to do is to sign up for this program and not reach your goals. Let me tell you #1 why you stopped going to the "regular" gym and #2 why you will 100% guaranteed get results on this program. #1 the regular run of the mill gym does not care about your results they only care about one thing, selling more memberships and filling their gym up with hundreds if not thousands of members.

They have to do this to stay in business. The last thing they want to do is give individual members the attention they need to reach their goals and even if they wanted to they couldn't because they have to many members. You do have one option at the "regular" gym. 1on1 training that will run you about $500-1000 per month. Ummm I will pass on that. We are the opposite of this, the anti gym. As a matter of fact we are not a gym we are a training program. We use specific workouts and nutrition guidelines to reach specific goals. Every member will get the time and attention they need to keep them on track, keep them accountable, and to ensure they meet their goals. We have a members cap on all of our programs to ensure everyone can keep getting the attention they need. We will go out of our way to contact you if you miss a session, if you need a boost we will be there to provide that, and of course we will keep you working hard during the workouts.

Our Specialty


We will not be getting you big and bulky! Our workouts will help you put on lean feminine muscle.


We have NO treadmills at QFITBOOTCAMP. We use body weight H.I.I.T. for cardio. This has been proven to burn calories up to 24hr post workout.


And of course we cant forget the most important aspect. Nutrition! We will provide you with everything you need to eat properly including meal plans, backup meals plans, meal trackers, and more.

What Our Clients Say

"I've tried working out before and never stuck to it. Coming here and having awesome support (Richard & Rosa) and being able to see the change fall into place is just awesome. I encourage everyone to come and try it, you will not regret it!!!"


"I had been walking and working out on my own but it wasn't until I joined qfitbootcamp and got that extra push that I needed. Now I'm actually starting to see/feel results. I'm very happy with my choice to join! Great group of ladies, great trainer, Richard and cool environment!"


"Finally!!! I have found something that motivates me and keeps me guessing 3 days out of the week. I have failed repeatedly at the gym doing routine workouts and using workout equipment repetitively. I get excited the night before each class because I know it'll be something different and challenge me out of my comfort zone. I'm not quite there yet with eating right but after each workout I feel the difference as my body is being transformed and changing. I know without a doubt I will reach my fitness goals through qfitbootcamp. This is the best decision I've ever made for myself!



Q: Is this crossfit?
A: No. Crossfit is more performance based exercise. Our focus is 100% on weight loss.

Q: Is this for beginners?
A: Absolutely! We pride ourselves on providing a fun and beginner friendly experience. We know it is scary to start a new workout program so we do our best to make it as fun and inviting as possible.

Q: What should I bring on the first day?
A: Bring water, a small towel, and a positive attitude. Show up 5-10 minutes early to fill out a waiver.

Q: Can't find your building?
A: We share a building with the gymnastics center. Look for the big gymnastics sign next to Vitamin Shop you can't miss it.

Q: Does this really work?
A: If you are committed. See our results HERE.

Q: Can I bring a friend.
A: Yes please do. Everything is always more fun with a partner you know.

Q: Will I get help with accountability?
A: Yes we have multiple ways to keep you accountable and motivated.

Q: Will I get help with nutrition?
A: Yes we have meal plans and grocery list for you to follow. We also have food journals and offer custom meal plans.


Ready To Get Started?

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